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About Us

Our Story

OAKA was founded in 2016 as we opened our first retail supermarket on George Street in Glasgow City Centre. We specialise in retailing produce from all over Asia, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and more.

Over the following years, we have expanded our business operations, including vending operations, franchises, events, and restaurant and cafe businesses.

We currently operate across 11 cities in the UK within the group, hoping to bring more Oaka’s to the UK and Europe in the coming years.


The language of Hakka 客家 which literally means 'guest family', is spoken in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and in numerous provinces throughout China. We follow the ethos every day within the whole OAKA group and treat our customers as we would guests entering our home.



We truly believe the key to a happy home is to bring families and friends together through the love of cooking, food and health! We believe food provides a sensory feeling of warmth and the feeling of being in one’s home with loved ones around no matter where you are in the world.




Hence our business slogan and mantra-

“Bringing Food Home”



OAKA, est 2016

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