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OAKA derives from the Hakka dialect to mean HOME.

The language of Hakka 客家 which literally means 'guest family', is spoken in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and in numerous provinces throughout China. Our ancestry has been a big source of inspiration in helping us to bring you a wide range of quality products from across Asia whilst also ensuring that we provide the service and warmth as one would to the arrival of guests.

We truly believe this is the key to a happy home not just within Asian culture, but around the world and thus it is of the highest priority that we strive to bring families and friends together through the love of cooking, food and health! 


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 Oaka, 是客家語“屋企”, 也就是“家”的意思. 這同時反映著我們公司的宗旨, 致力在我們的“家”, 提供顧客們熟悉的食品和親切的服務.         


我們從亞洲各地搜羅了各式各樣的食材, 醬料,零食及飲料.  讓顧客在一家店𥚃便可買到亞洲家庭式料理及節日食品所需的材料和家一樣的味道。